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Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Company (ARGAS)
Stand: 3C38

ADC building 3rd floor Office no. 1
31952 alkhobar
Saudi Arabia
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The ever-increasing demand for Oil and Gas exploration in deeper and complex environments has challenged the seismic industry to come up with technologically advanced and cost-effective ways to find new exploration plays. ARGAS has been a leader in providing the latest seismic acquisition technologies to its clients in the Middle East and Egypt to meet their exploration challenges. ARGAS’ expertise and technology enable it to offer unique and cost-effective solutions which reduce exploration turnaround with ultra-high productivity acquisition and delivers the best-quality, reservoir ready seismic data. On and offshore, ARGAS has always deployed state of the art technology in geophysical data acquisition, processing, and reservoir analysis services across a growing number of industry verticals. ARGAS operates Land 2D/3D seismic crews which have mapped more than 155,000 square kilometers of 3D and over 9,400 Kilometers of 2D seismic data in recent years. ARGAS has also acquired over 14,300 square kilometers of 3D and 5,600 kilometers of 2D Ocean Bottom Cable data from Qatar to Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf.
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