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Leth Egypt Agencies LTD
Stand: 2G30

Parkveien 57
0256 Oslo
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Leth Agencies offers swift and secure transit and husbandry services in the Suez Canal, Danish Straits, Bosporus and the Panama Canal. These services are provided by our head office in Oslo, Norway with branch offices in Egypt, Denmark and Singapore. Since its inception a few years ago, Leth Egypt Agencies Ltd., our partner in Egypt, has become a leading service provider to maritime security companies and their security teams embarking and disembarking vessels while transiting the Suez Canal. The company musters in depth knowledge of Egyptian and local Suez Canal zone rules and regulations. Local presence, knowledge, and well-developed relations are fundamental pre-requisites for quality deliveries. Furthermore, LEA´s Standard Operations Procedures reflect Leth Suez´s senior management´s military and ship operations training and experiences. These combinations of knowledge, skills, relations, and experiences are being appreciated by a steadily growing number of security companies.
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