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Asia Bolts Industries LLC
Stand: 3F21

P.O. Box 60495 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
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Asia Bolt Industries LLC (ASBO) is a fastener manufacturer based in Dubai, focusing on supplying quality fasteners to Petrochemical Instillations, Oil refineries, Oil Rigs, Gas Processing Pipelines, Power generation & Distribution, steel structures Chemical Instillations, Desalination Plants, Engineering & Constructions Companies, Fertilizer Plants, Onshore & Offshore fabricators and for Industries requiring precession, high integrity fasteners components. Asia Bolt Industries LLC (ASBO) has a portfolio of valued local and international operating companies and thrives on a reputation of on-going repeated business based on our commitment to succeed in delivering a service based on our clients’ requirements. Asia Bolt Industries LLC (ASBO) is proud to be an approved manufacturer and supplier to EGPC, ENPPI, PETROBEL & PETROJET and other prominent government and semi government organisations in various sectors.
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