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Stand: 2G55

Via Ardeatina, 2479 Km22,300
00134 Rome
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EuropCorr is specialized in Design, Manufacturing, Sales and After Sales Services of corrosion monitoring systems mainly for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry. Our technical experts have over decades experience corrosion technology, providing comprehensive corrosion management solutions. The range of internal corrosion monitoring products includes industry standard traditional Access Fittings, Corrosion Coupons, Corrosion/Erosion Probes, Chemical Injection/Sampling and Retrieval Tools as well as Hydraulic Access and Retrieval Tool system, the lightest in weight and smallest in length retrieval system with the best safety record in the industry. The instrument system has unique field reliability and flexibility, providing both on-line and off-line system configurations. We have engineering capability to provide tailored products as per clients and projects requirements. Company’s Quality Management System is EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. All equipment meets NACE standards, relevant products with CE, PED and ATEX certifications.
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